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The spark that grew


What started as a group of friends making fun educational videos for their university professors over 12 years ago, has grown into a multi-media collective focused on creating educational content for businesses, institutions, and brands.


With our main studio based in sunny South Florida, our team has worked on various TV commercials, courses, industry training materials, applications, and national marketing campaigns.



We are a collective of digital creators from a variety of backgrounds who believe we can make the world a brighter place through communication and unlocking educational boundaries.

Develop strategic, compelling, and relatable content that sparks a movement.

Making digital storytelling an accessible medium to all small businesses, content creators, educators, and all who want to rethink the way we communicate as a society.

Flipping the script on today's thirst of knowledge

It's no surprise that the way we absorb content today is quick, fast, and on-demand. This access to the internet, applications, and mobile devices has raised our expectations for the quality of content across the spectrum of mediums. 

We knew this shift would change our industry, the 2020 pandemic only tossed our world into the deep end of online communication, knowledge, and entertainment.


Anybody can make pretty videos or graphics. But, are they strategically educating someone? Whether it's an online course, product campaign, or simply a way to bring new customers to your door... we're always educating others.  

Our team of trailblazers

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Mike Huet

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Instructional Design + Creative Director


Shavonne Kenyon

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Digital Design + Narration

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Paula Rodriguez

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Graphic Design + Video

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Alexa Ponce

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Fred Diaz

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Software Development



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CFO (Chief Fun Officer)


Years ago - on the rooftop of the Hyatt in downtown San Diego, we ordered a round of celebratory drinks after wrapping up our yearly design conference Adobe Max. We asked for some limes, looked at each other and grinned.

Our brand was born.

Adding a splash of lime to anything intensifies the flavor. Whether it be a [non-alcoholic - we swear] beverage or chef's cuisine. The lime simply brings it to the next level.


We're Lime Digital Agency. Let's create something amazing.

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